Your Oasis in the Emirates Incorporate today Carry out your business from the UAE.  Establish a UAE tax resident  company with  access to double tax treaties. Completely  tax-free: no corporate or personal taxes. Be eligible for invertors visas and/or  employee visas in the UAE.

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RAK Free Zone company formation

Why would you need a RAK Free Zone company?

RAK Freezone companies are not the same as typical IBCs (Belize, BVI etc.), they are resident companies. RAK Free Zone companies hold a relevant business licence and also allow the owners to work in the UAE. They are completely tax free and, being resident companies, enjoy full access to the various international double tax treaties signed with the UAE.

Why choose RAK Free Zone and not another Emirate?

Cost and convenience

RAK Freezone companies are considerably cheaper to form than their equivalents in Dubai and the other Emirates.

Straightforward Formalities

RAK Freezone companies are easy and fast to form.

UAE Visa

It is easy to obtain visas for investors and employees, however a personal visit to RAK is required to formalise the immigration file.

Privacy of information

There is no public record of the directors and shareholders.

Free Zone companies and licences

(Issued by RAK Investment Authority)

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A single ownership company is referred to as an FZE – Free Zone Enterprise,  the owner must be an individual.

Free zone LLC (FZ LLC)

For two or more members/owners, an FZ LLC is required – Free Zone Limited Liability Company. The partners may be individuals, companies or a combination of both.


All Free Zone companies must apply for a business licence on incorporation.

The most commonly used licences are:-

• Consultancy  Services

This licence allows your company to carry out consultancy services across any industry category.

• Trading / Commercial

Allows your company to import, export, distribute, or warehouse goods. The company is permitted 3 specific activities.

There are three further categories of licence for which conditions
 are more onerous:

• General Trading

Allows your company to import, export, distribute, or warehouse goods.

• Industrial

Allows your company to import raw materials, as well as to manufacture, process, package, and export finished products.

• Media

This allows your company to open media company. Please be aware that this licence is onerous to obtain and legal advice may be required.

TMS FZE will help to incorporate your RAK Freezone company quickly & efficiently. You need to visit the UAE only once to set up your RAK company, as we will take care of all the necessary formalities on your behalf.

We offer competitive prices whilst providing a flexible and professional service.

Services included:


Banking services:

We offer banking introduction both within the UAE and worldwide.  

For the UAE we offer an introduction service, however a personal visit by each shareholder is necessary. We also offer introductions to a number of banks worldwide where no personal visit is required (remote opening).

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